I'm not sure there's any better way than for him to just start going out and checking cars he likes. We're all shaped differently enough there's no one good answer (and even if there is, there may be a non-quantitative problem, like poor visibility). For instance, I'm only 5'9", but with a longer torso that means I'm… » 9/21/11 2:02pm 9/21/11 2:02pm

It's a little delayed, but I've worked as a product ambassador - we had iPads at our booth this year (with a series of slides on each vehicle). They were a completely nightmare. Nevermind the handful that got close to disappearing (because, hey, it's overpriced and tiny, making it a prime "souvenir"), they froze up… » 9/15/11 10:33pm 9/15/11 10:33pm

Christ, when will that "rebadged E-Class" misinformation die in a fire? The LX has always been strictly a Chrysler platform. It's more Renault than Benz, since it can trace its routes to the LH platform, which was heavily inspired by the Renault-designed Eagle Premier. You know what Benz's contribution was? The rear… » 9/14/11 8:09pm 9/14/11 8:09pm

Wait, when exactly did the general public give a shit about interesting cars? When was this glorious period of enthusiasm that I missed out on? It's one thing to decry public apathy, but to dress it up as a modern trend is incredibly ignorant. Look at some of the best selling cars of all time - the Model T, the VW… » 9/14/11 8:03pm 9/14/11 8:03pm

I'd be wary of an old Kia, but Hyundais are solidly into the point where cheap ones are pretty decent. A second-gen Accent (2000-2005, I believe) are reasonable beaters, as common, cheap, and reliable enough. I had an '03 that's worked its way through several family members, and we've all been content with it. My… » 9/09/11 1:50pm 9/09/11 1:50pm

Bucket seats, at least when coupled with an automatic transmission, are the tool of the devil. I see no reason why, except for the Chevrolet Impala, there isn't a single mid-sized sedan available in North America today with a bench seat. It's not like we've got a million drivers racing around, putting that bolstering… » 9/02/11 11:46am 9/02/11 11:46am